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Youngster’s Reunion

Featuring The Youngsters with opening act Decatur Creek.


The Youngsters formed at West High School in 1980 around their common love of Neil Young music and the music of that era. Forty-one years later, Neil is still making music and so are the Youngsters. Chris Williams, Jeff Guild, and TJ Murphy form the core of the Youngsters as it was in Chris’s bedroom studio that first long summer night when the Youngsters were born. As the years go rolling by, each Youngster has continued to pursue his music as individuals. When they come together they bring an experience crafted over a multiple decade span showing their love for music and for the band. We’re inviting you to join in the memories and fun.


The Youngsters come together in support of 10,000 Candles, an event that builds strong community around those who grieve for loved ones lost to addiction and suicide. We remember the loved ones separate from their struggles in this life. We’re inviting you to join in the memorial.


A fundraiser for 10,000 Candles
(ticket sales are limited to 100 in the 300 seat hall because of NH Covid-19 guidelines)

1. 10,000 Candles Award (awarded to the individual standout for service in the MH and Recovery community during Covid-19 Pandemic

2. Silent Auction (items auctioned online and at show)

3. Decatur Creek opener



Sponsored by:
Bellwether Credit Union



Tickets: $20

August 19, 2020 12:00 am
12:00 am (45′)

Rex Theatre

Call the Box Office

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