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Rust Never Sleeps: A LIVE Neil Young Retrospective

RUST NEVER SLEEPS… a live Neil Young retrospective


Neil Young. More than 40 records. An artist who relentlessly follows his muse, creating musical expressions that mirror every facet of human emotion. Fragile or furious, the best of his songs come from a place of uncommon energy. They demand presence, and reward you with connection.


Rust Never Sleeps is a band that embraces the Neil Young ethos: follow the muse… “we bring our own musical humanity to the table when we play these songs, they’re not artifacts… they’re living and breathing when we play them.” For RNS, no two shows are alike, and Neil’s extensive catalog allows for unlimited musical exploration and expression.


With over eighteen years of performing shows throughout the East Coast, RNS inhabits the spirit of Neil Young. They get you ready for the country with sweet harmonies and soulful pedal steel, or dive deep into the spook with dueling, slashing guitars…all held down by thumping bass grooves and rock-solid drumming. Loose as a goose, or tight as a Saturday night, they always satisfy!


Join us for a memorable evening that honors the spirit of one of the most respected artists in rock music.



Tickets: $29-$39






Sponsored by:
Bellwether Credit Union

October 2, 2020 7:30 pm
7:30 pm (1h 30′)

Rex Theatre

Call the box office

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