Palace Dance Studio

Session 1 classes for our 2022-2023 season will culminate in a student showcase on November 20th at the Rex Theatre. Not all classes will perform in the showcase, please take note of the class descriptions.

3, 4 and 5-year-old Intro to Dance (1 hour) 

This class is all about introducing our youngest students to the fun world of dance! These classes are divided into several short activities, focusing on creative movement and fun! This is a great introduction to flexibility, dance class etiquette, and friendly cooperation with classmates. This kind of creative self-expression is an important part of developmental growth and the confidence and discipline they will gain will stay with them as they explore the world outside our classroom! Class will culminate in a short choreographed performance in a student showcase at the end of each session. Please note that all dancers must be potty trained before joining.


Wednesdays 4PM-5PM

August 31-November 16

TJB 1-5 (1 hour)

The Tap/Jazz/Ballet hybrid class is for students in grades 1-5. In these classes, students will enjoy a technique based warm-up, expand their jazz dance abilities, and continue to work on their tap skills, with an emphasis on musicality and rhythm. These classes all follow a similar structure but are designed to meet the individual needs of each student while taking into account their emotional maturity and attention span. These classes will culminate in a jazz and tap routine to be performed in a student showcase at the end of each session.

Grades 1-2

Tuesdays 4PM-5PM

August 30-November 15

Grades 3-5

Thursdays 4PM-5PM

September 1-November 17

Tap, Technique, and Jazz Classes: (1 hour each) 

For our students in grades 6-12, we offer hour-long classes in TapJazz, and Dance Technique with 3 leveling options available in each discipline. Our Level 1 dancers are on the beginner side of their dance training, our Level 2 dancers are more intermediate, and our Level 3 classes are geared towards our most advanced students. Tap classes will focus on rhythm and musicality, technique, and well-rounded tap skills. Jazz classes will focus on skill-building appropriate to each level, and learning how to be a versatile and adaptable dancer and performer. Dance Technique will have an emphasis on building foundational ballet technique as well as jazz technique with an emphasis on musicality and strength. Each class is geared towards building technique, learning choreography, and pushing our students to be the best dancers they can be! Tap and Jazz classes will culminate in a choreographed routine to be performed in a student showcase at the end of each session.


Level One (Beginner) Classes 

Dance Technique Level 1 – Mondays 5PM-6PM (August 29-November 14)

Jazz Level 1 – Tuesdays 4PM-5PM (August 30-November 15)

Tap Level 1 – Thursdays 4PM-5PM (September 1-November 17)

Level Two (Intermediate) Classes

Dance Technique Level 2 – Wednesdays 5PM-6PM (August 31-November 16)

Jazz Level 2 – Tuesdays 5PM-6PM (August 30-November 15)

Tap Level 2 – Thursdays 5PM-6PM (September 1-November 17)

Level Three (Advanced) Classes

Tap Level 3 – Saturdays 10AM-11AM

Dance Technique Level 3 – Saturdays 11AM-Noon

Jazz Level 3 – Saturdays Noon-1PM

September 3-November 19

Hip-Hop and Contemporary Classes: (1 hour each) 

We are happy to offer two levels of Hip-Hop and Contemporary for dancers in grades 4-12. Both of these classes will offer dancers an opportunity to train in two of the most cutting-edge styles of dance, often seen on screens and stages around the world. Hip-Hop will focus on a grounded style similar to commercial, jazz-funk, and street dance. Contemporary is an extension of ballet, with emotional qualities and strong storytelling elements. These classes will culminate in a choreographed routine to be performed in a student showcase at the end of each session.


Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate) Classes

Contemporary Level 1 – Sundays Noon-1PM

Hip-Hop Level 1 – Sundays 1PM-2PM

August 28-November 13

Level 2 (Intermediate/Advanced) Classes

Hip-Hop Level 2 – Sundays Noon-1PM

Contemporary Level 2 – Sundays 1PM-2PM

August 28-November 13

Adult Class options:

Single class drop-in rate: $18

5 Classes: $75 (save $15)

10 Classes: $150 (save $30)


Adult Tap (1 hour) 

This will be a fun rhythm-based class for any students college-aged or older, suited for all levels and culminating in an optional performance at the end of each session!

Level 1 (Beginner) Classes

Sundays 9:30AM-10:30AM

Level 2 (Intermediate) Classes

Sundays 10:30AM-11:30PM

August 28-November 13