Palace Acting Studio

Intro to Stagecraft

Students will be introduced to everything that it takes to put a show together. Topics include makeup, prop creation, set design, and costume design. Each week students will learn within these different mediums with the chance to roll up their sleeves and get to work behind the scenes for our upcoming youth productions!


Wednesdays 5PM-6:30PM (Grades 5-12)

May 25June 15

Improv & Acting Games I

This course is geared towards our younger performers who are finding their voices on stage (and off!). Students will develop foundational skills through a series of improv games and acting activities. Whether you are looking to give acting a try or you are a seasoned youth performer, this class is sure to be fun!


Saturdays 4PM-5PM (Grades 2-6)

May 28June 18

Improv & Acting Games II

Learn to open up on stage and show your natural personality without fear. Students will continue to expand their abilities on stage through a series of improv games and acting activities. This class is for students of all levels of theatre experience, and is sure to be a fun, creative experience for all!


Saturdays 5PM-6PM (Grades 7-12)

May 28June 18