Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Where is the Palace Theatre located?

The Palace Theatre is located at 80 Hanover Street, in the heart of historic downtown Manchester, NH

How many people can the Palace Theatre seat?

The Palace Theatre can seat 834 people, including seven wheelchair accessible spaces. Click here to view our seating chart.

How can I purchase tickets to an event?

Tickets to any event may be purchased by calling our box office at 603-668-5588 or coming by the box office on 72 Hanover Street in person. Box office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM till 5:00PM.
A major credit card is required for all telephone purchases. You may also order select tickets online through our ticketing system. Click here to view booking options
*Please be aware there is a $4 per ticket fee for online and telephone purchases.

How can I get my tickets?

You can choose one of 3 options:
SHIP – There is an additional $3 charge for shipping.
E-MAIL – You can print at home, or bring your phone to be scanned at the door.
PICK UP AT WILL CALL – You can pick up your ticket(s) at the Box Office any time Monday-Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM. The Box Office is also open 2 hours before all events.

Do I need to buy a ticket for an infant?

Yes, State Fire Code requires all people, including infants, attending an event to purchase a ticket and be assigned a seat. This allows us to keep track of exactly how many people are inside the theatre in case of an emergency.

Can tickets be exchanged? Can you issue a refund?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any ticket purchases. However, exchange privileges are a perk of Membership.

Can I purchase season tickets?

The Palace Theatre offers several options for purchasing tickets including our Super Saver 3-pack. Please call our Box Office between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM to inquire about these options.

Are there group rates for tickets?

Yes, there are group rates for most events. Click here to learn more about terms and conditions.
To reserve your tickets, please contact our Group Sales Department at 603-668-5588 (ext. 127)

Are there rush tickets available?

Each of production in the St. Mary’s Bank Performing Arts Series has rush tickets available to students one hour prior to each performance. Students must present a valid student ID upon purchase.

What is the historic fee?

Each ticket price includes a $4.50 historic fee for upkeep of the historic Palace Theatre.

Are cameras or video recorders allowed inside the Palace Theatre?

No recording devices of any kind are allowed during a performance.

Are food and beverages available at the Palace Theatre?

Snacks and beverages can be purchased at the two bars in the lobby. Members can also purchase snacks and beverages in the Marquee Room. Food is not permitted in the theatre. However, drinks in a spill-proof Palace Theatre souvenir cup are permitted inside.

Technical FAQ

Where can I find an all-in-one informational document regarding technical specifications?

You can download our Technical Specifications info sheet by clicking the link below:

Palace Theatre Technical Specifications

Where can I find information on the fly system?

You can download our fly system infosheet by clicking the link below:

Fly Information and Specifications

What is the pit cover? When is it in? How will it affect my rental

The pit cover is a unit of portable staging that “fills in” our orchestra pit to add 4 to 8 feet to the stage. It is usually in accordance to the Palace Professional Theatre’s schedule and needs.
When the pit cover is completely in, there is no access to the orchestra pit.
When the pit cover is partially in, it can accommodate a small band.

Does the Palace have orchestra chairs on site?

The Palace has a few orchestra chairs for use on site, however if a large number of chairs is required for an event, it is best to inform the theatre two weeks in advance.

Does the Palace rent scenic elements?

The Palace does rent some scenic elements for both out of and in-house shows, as well as other events.

How many microphones does the Palace have available for use during an event?

The Palace has a limited number of wireless lavalieres, wireless handhelds and hard wired microphones.

Does the Palace own Marley or any other floor covering?

The Palace does not own any floor covering.

Does the Palace own an LCD projector?

Yes, the Palace does own a LCD projector, which is available for use by renters pending approval.

What are the dimensions of the stage?

39′ 6″ Width of proscenium opening

25′ 6″ Height of proscenium opening. Typical Main Curtain Trim ~20’

3′ 8″ Edge of stage (at pit) to plaster line

29′ 9″ Plaster line to back wall

33′ 5″ Edge of stage (at pit) to back wall

35′ 8″ Center line to lock rail at stage left (15′ wing)

31′ 2″ Center line to stage right wall (10′ wing)

66′ 10″ Total width of stage, lock rail to wall

55′ 0″ Deck to grid

For further questions regarding the Palace Theatre Technical operations, please contact Brooks Young at or call 603.668.5588 (Ext. 141).