Proud Palace Theatre Members (As of Jan. 2018)

Palace Celebrity

Edward Broad
Sylvio and Cecile Dupuis
Michael and Debra L'Ecuyer
Mrs. Lucia Merritt

Palace Angel

Robert and Maureen Baines
Jane Ayers and Martin Beck
Sarah B. Demers
Stephen Gaykan
Daniel Leach
John and Susan Lynch
Ronald and Linda Roberts
Kirsten Vernon and Kevin Ramundo



Doug Adams and Denise McHugh
Nora Colliton and John Savina
William and Ann Conrad
Joe and Lisa DiBrigida
Denron Plumbing & HVAC, LLC - Robert Holden
Thomas J. Donovan and Stephanie K. Williston
Michael Duffy and Stephen Cornish
Philip and Carolyn Hollman
Judith Jolton
Drs. Sasha Kuftinec and Mark Schwartzberg
Mark and Michele LaPrade
Atty. Maria Law
Terence and Mary McCormick
Jason and Izzy McKinney
Jennifer Parent
Michael and Alison Perrella
Peter and Pat Ramsey
Wayne and Kim Robinson
Cathleen Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Seibel
Nick and Kara Soggu
Deborah Stone
Tom and Kathy Stroud
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
Bill and Jayna Stevens


Charles and Cynthia Barker
Peter and Rebecca Beauchemin
Howard and Joan Brodsky
Kris and Darby Bruno
Richard M. Bunker
Ed and Susan Bureau
Edward and Michele Cantlin
Craig and Anthony Chase
Walter and Julie Gallo
Beverly and William Gere
Steven and Julie Grandgeorge
John and Cathy Grimaldi
Chris and Birgit Harley
David and Judith Hess
Herb and Tammy Hooker
Peter and Barbara Letvinchuk
Irene Lover
Kenneth and Janet McGuire
Charles and Joan Neal
Ray and Jackie Noel
Dan and Karyn O'Neil
Alan Poulios
James and Jane Raymond
Kevin and Patricia Reigstad
Eleanor and Larry Spencer
Colleen and Grace Stankiewicz
Ed and Leslee Stewart
Carol and David Wagner
Kenneth A. West


Dr. and Mrs. Charles Albee

Patricia and Howard Allen

Shirley Bhutto

Doug and Chris Blais

Lolli Bonte

Bryan Bouchard

Sharon Brommer

William and Theresa Brothwell

Mark and Karen Burkush

Rudolph A. Cartier Jr. and Brenda S. Stevens

Anthony Codding

Pat and Sandy Corbin

Lou and Patricia D'Allesandro

Robert Dastin

Paul and Val DelGiudice

Emilia DeVore

Kelly Dobens and Heather Ramsey

Barbara and Darrell Downing

Barbara Drummet

David Duncan

Louis Esposito

Louis Fink and Pamela Grich

Grace Freije and Steve McMahon

Larry Gammon and Pat Stavolone

Stephen and Jing George

Normand Gibeau

Jim and Carin Glick

David and Michelle Goldman

Joe and MaryBeth Gustitus

Kristina and Glenn Hauser

Linda Hooper

Christopher Hopey and Cheryl Lucas

Tom and Susan Huard

Ryan, Jameson and Graham Keller

Norman and Gail LaPrade

Stephen Lawlor

Brent and Lisa Lemire

Ken Lerner

Alfredo Lindner and Susan Amlaw

David MacGregor

Mike Mahoney

Frank and Martha Manley

John and Joan Marcotte

John and Beverly Marino

Lawrence and Marguerite Martin

Bill and Ann Marvin

Carl and Nancy Mayland

David and Anne McDonough

John McGeehan

Mary McGill

Dan and Cheryl McKenney

Richard and Linda McNamara

Heather and Stephen Merrill

Cynthia Milnes and Jonathan Shlager

Dorothy Mite

Richard and Martha Moloy

Joseph and Susan Mozek

Walter and Gail Nelson

David and Elaine Penchansky

Michael and Deborah Plessner

Maureen and Bryant Quilliam

Martha Rice

Robert and Kim Rimalover

Judy Ronshagen

Rousseau Law & Mediation, PLLC

David and Maura Ryan

Michael and Karen Soule

Dennis Stepro and Charlene Wolfe-Stepro

Joy and Michael Sydney

Stephen and Amanda Twaddle

Wayne and Paula VanGundy

Bolgen Vargas and Jill Conlon

Roy Wilson

Kurt and Jane Wolz


David and Lisa Abbott

Philip and Beth Abbott

Andy and Lisa Abramowicz

Joan and Ricky Adams

Pip and Cecile Adams

Advertising Works, Inc.

Peter and Christine Agri

Susan Ahern

Jonathan and Candice Alizio

Louise Allard

Stephen Althouse

Butch and Brenda Amadio

Barb Amaral

Amherst Label, Inc.

William and Marion Andrade

Phyllis Andreottolo and Tina Rizzo

Tom and Patti Andresen

Cheryl and Thomas Andrew

Anna Angilletta

Voula Annas

Anonymous (4)

Sandra Appleton

Jessica Aprile

The Archer Family

Gail Archibald

Tim and Autumn Arel

Carmela Armano

John and Ann Asselin

Deidre Aten

Kate and Michael Atkinson

Mary Atwell and Nancy Frankel

Donald and Paulette Auger

Fritz Aumann

Brian and Pam Axtell

Hilary Bailey

Roger Bailey

The Baillargeon Family

Maryann Baillargeon

Michael and Michele Bank

April Barber

Michael and Susan Barr

Diane and Joe Barriere

Bob and Laurie Barry

Raymond and Betty Barry

Frank and Judy Bass

Bob Bates

Chuck and Sue Bates

Lorraine Bauman and Jim Mixon

Melanie Beauchemin

Abigail and Zachary Beaudoin

Marc and Christen Beaudoin

Arthur and Gerry Beaudry

Charles and Judith Becker

Christine Beehler

The Behling Family

Erick and Katrina Bell

Meredith Bell

Deb Bell-Polson and Jon Polson

Joy Bellemare

Paul and Jo Ellen Bellerive

Paul R. Belyea

Carolyn Benthien

Andrew Bergamini

Dan and Abigail Bergen

Mark and Janet Berger

Robert and Patricia Bernard

Michael and Sandra Berube

Gerald Bettis

Peter Biello and Jody Smith

Raymond and Mary Bilodeau

Sarah Bimshas

Bisbo Family

Donald and Cynthia Bisson

Beth Bissonnette

Black Paws Transport

Robert (Bob) Blais

Charles Blaisdell

Linda and Paul Blanchette

Tracey Blueman and Brandon Bigelow

Pauline and James Bogaert

Michael and Jiselle Bogardus

Paul Boisseau

Dr. Wally D. Borgen

Paul Borruso

Don and Susan Bossi

Paul Botana-Gumbs

Steven Botana-Gumbs

Paul and Deanna Boucher

Lynn Bouler

Jeffrey Bourassa

Deborah Bourcier

Edgar and Sandy Bourgeois

Robert Bournival

Joseph and Lisa Bourrie

Catherine Bowler

Kathlyn Box

Tom and Cathy Brackett

Nelson and Wendy Breton

Ken and Cherri Brewer

Kim Brewster

Stevie Brimblecom

Valerie Bronstein

Joan Brouillet

Bethany Brown

James and Claudette Brown

Kathleen Brown

Monique Brown

Randy and Susan Brown

Linda and Thomas Browne

Andrew and Ann Bryceland

Robert Bulka and Colleeen Witt

Michael Bunie

Larry Bunk

Jonathan and Amanda Burgess

Allison and Lynn Burnett

Arthur Burns

David Burns and Christina Lusky

Lisa Burns

Jason and Cathy Burpee

Lee Burris

Ernest and Pam Butler

The Byron Family

Judy and Larrie Cable

Richard and Gail Caines

Ken and Jo Calder

The Callahan Family

William and Michelle Callahan

Paula and Auvea Calvelli

David and Deborah Calvetti

The Camacho Family

Charles Cappello and Christine Coupe

Rebecca and Kerry Carleton

Lisa Carmichael

Bob Caron

Roberta Caron

Kim Carpinone

Rick and Vicki Carter

Trish Cash

Michele Cassidy

William and Marilyn Cavanaugh

David and Ann Chalk

Lynda Chamberlain

Paula Chamberlain

Joceline Champagne and Ted Petro

Hsiu Chang

Alida Charbonneau

Maurice Charron

Reg and Sue Charron

Nancy J. Chartrand

Sam and Michelle Chase

Joseph and Laurie Chevalier

In Memory of Omer Chicoine

Jan Choiniere

Carolann Chory

Amy Chouinard

William and Mary Christy

The Ciulla Family

Holly Clarke

Jane Clayton

John and Colleen Clayton

Darlene Clements

Kristen Cloutier

Peter Coffin

Andy and Debbie Cohen

Jeffrey Comeau

Mr. Edward J. Comiskey III

Ruth Coneys

Michael and Cheryl Conley

Catherine Connolly

Trevor and Ariana Connors

John and Gale Consigli

Fred M. Conti

James and Ruth Conway

Rhonda Cook

Darryl and Jane Coplan

Jay Corbin and Jill Rengstorff

Kathy Corey Fox

Patricia and Richard Cornell

Oscar Coronado

Rena Correia

Rick Cortez

Carolyn Costello

Michael and Liz Costello

The Costello Family

Gerda Cote

Jeannine C. Cote

Ronald and Denise Cote

Thelma Cote

Patricia and Ron Coutu

Connie and Bob Couturier

Marc Couturier

Donald and Susan Cox

Maureen Cragon

Thomas and Donna Craig

Ray Craigie

James Crear

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cregg

Jerry and Jennifer Creteau

Brent Cronin

Shelly Cross

Romeo Croteau

Joseph and Erin Cuddemi

Lester Cuff Jr.

John and Sharon Cullivan

Theressa Curley

Cindy Currie

Doris Cvinar

Vito and Judi D'Amico

Stephen and Nancy Dacey

John P. Daley

Gerry and Steve Dalphonse

Joseph Daly

Gary and Colleen Danault

Alexis Daniuk and Anthony Butticello

Ruta Daugela

James and Pat Davenport

Janet Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Davis

Virginia Day

Whitney Day and Debbie Day

Gary and Leslie de Grandmaison

Michael and Maureen DeBlasi

Phillip Deese-Laurent

Linda and Jeff Degler

David and Anita Deifik

Clark and Wendy Delaney

Dave and Paula Delaney

Joann Denisco

Mr. and Mrs. Edward DePietro

Ray and Robin Deschene

Richard Desroches

Karen Desrosiers

Peter and Marilyn Detone

Maribeth and Sean Dever

Laura Devine

Michelle and Frank DiChiara

Sheila Dimarzio

Patrick and Patricia Dion

Dennis DiPaolo

The DiSalvo Family

Julia M. DiStefano

Phil and Barbara Doherty

Alice Donovan

Sharon Doran

James Dore

Claire Dorval

William Dougherty

Chuck and Debra Douglas

Dana P. Downes

Del and Cathy Downing

David and Elizabeth Driscoll

Diana and Mike Driscoll

William Driscoll

Paul and Marie Drury

Dick and Diane Dryer

The Duffley - Taylor Family

Janet Dugrenier

Richard Dumoulin

Andrew and Donna Dunn

Diane Dunn

Claire Duris

Brian and Rachel Durst

The Dutton Family

Robert Duval

The Dyche Family

Stephen Dyment

Jeffrey Eagen and Khrystyna Pysareva

Jan and Joe Eaton

Jon Eaton

Tom and Sharon Ebol

Gary and Ellen Edes

Michelle Edwards

Karen Eldridge and Lindy Evans

Elizabeth Elwell

Catherine and Thomas Elwood

Luis and Pam Englander

Lynne Erdody

Donna Esposito

William and Bonnie Estey

John and Paulette Faggiano

Arthur Faint

Charlie and Bobbe Fairman

Michael and Cathleen Farley

Pat Farrell

Maureen Farrington

Jason Favreau

David Fecteau

Bruce and Susan Felmly

Dan and Janet Ferry

David and Patricia Fesette

Gary and Lisa Field

Lillian Filia

Lu Ann Filtea-Hill

The Finch Family

LTC and Mrs. David A. Fink

Aletheia and Albert Fischer

The Fischer Family

Fanny Flaum

Kristine Flett

Mary Ann Flynn

Diane Foose

Lynne and Dick Ford

Leona Fortier

Marc and Deb Fournier

Tim and Maria Fox

Mary Frazier

Gerard and Carol Frechette

Mary Freitas

Edward and Arlene French

Andrea Friend and Tom Hughes

Natalie Frissore

Kim Fusaris and Paul Couto

Kevin Gaboriault and Firas Hamad

Charles Gagne

Andrea J. Galasso

Laura Gallagher

Rose Galligan

John and Cheryl Garcin

Dennis and Ann-Marie Garneau

James Garneau

Gail Gelinas

Donald Gendron

Pauline Genest

Russell Geoffroy

Marjorie Gerbracht-Stagnaro

Ken and Kathy Gifford

Shirley and Jeffrey Ginn

Nancy Girard

Andre Girouard

Diane and Richard Giroux

David Ludwig and Carol Glejzer

Christine Glover

Lucy Gobin

Don and Paula Goduti

Samuel and Ellen Gold

The Goldberg Family

Laura and Wayne Goldner

The Goldstein Family

Alan and Pamela Goode

Jerry and Cindy Goodman

Judith V. Goodnow

Kerri Goolsby

Kevin and Diane Gordon

Scott Gordon and Donna Rassier Gordon

Deborah Gosselin

Karen Gosselin

Marie Gottwald

Kevin and Roberta Grady

Gary Graham

The Graham Family

Mark and Jan Grazier

Andrew and Maria Greco

Devina Green

Marie Green

Loretta and Ernest Greenberg

Michael and Mindee Greenberg

Jonathan Greenblatt and Sarit Itenberg

Robert Greene

Wayne and Susan Grenier

Diana Griffin

Jeff and Sandy Griffin

Susan Grodman

Amy Grube

Ken and Lynn Grzywacz

Jacqueline Guay

Chris and Marty Guild

Brian L. Guimond

Peter and Tana Gustafson

Doug and Sherry Guyer

Raymond and Colleen Guzman

Mark Haeck

Alan and Julianna Hale

The Hall Family

John C. and Pauline B. Hamann

Glenn and Belinda Hammond

Charlotte and Julian Hankus

John Hanlon and Laurie Bailey

John Harding

Irene Harnden and Dawn Gilbert

Patricia Harrison

Addison and Cynde Hartmann

John Hartz

Dianne Hathaway

Gary and Pauline Haworth

Michael and Maria Heaney

Carolyn Hebert

Cynthia Hebert

David and Claire Hebert

Kristin Hebert

Joe Heleniak

Susan Heroux

Mark and Donna Hetzel

Adair and Peter Heyl

Glenn and Debbie Heymans

Paul and Patricia Hickey

Ben Hill

Michelle and Steven Hinchee

Nathalie and Thomas Hirte

Aimee Hodge

Deborah Holbrook

Paula Holigan

Michael and Michele Holton

Martha Horton

David and Betty Hosang

Jonathan and Janet Hotchkiss

Trinnie Houghton

Robert and Rebecca Hubert

Carole Hudoba

William and Donna Huertas

Janet Hunkins

Sally Ihnat

Pauline Ikawa

Patty and Mark Ilaria

Charlene Isham

Alexander Itenberg

The Ithier Family

Chris and Linda Jacobs and Family

Denise and Jay Jacobs

Carol and Kalie Jacobson

Robyn Jacobson

John and Emily Jalbert

Patricia Jarvi

Deborah Jarvis

Kevin and Nancy Jay

Denise Jean

Stuart and Annie Jeans

Greg and Heidi Jeffrey

Richard and Robyn Jenisch

Bill Jennings

Ed and Cindy Jervey

Charles and Bette Jervinis

Marilynn and Courtney Jewett

Thomas Johnson

Christine Jones

Steve and Karen Jordan

Karen Joslin

Natalie Jutras

Susan and John Juza

Frank and Sharon Kace

The Kadlec-Chase Family

Patricia Kalinski

Stephen L. Kane Sr.

Lynda Kanteres

David and Martha Karrick

Paul G. Kasper and Lea Francoeur

Sarah Katz

Karen Kean

Ted and Nina Keating

Gary and Elizabeth Keegan

Mike Kelly

Shayne and Larry Kelly

James and Mary Kennedy

George Kenson

Dina Kevorkian

Allen and Marise Kincaid

Judy King and Jim Mernin

Randy King - R.E. King Contracting

Jonathan and Robin Klein

Zane Knoy

Arthur and Caroline Kohler

David and Linda Kolifrath

Walter and Mimi Kolodziej

Iris Korcoulis

Jeff Koroski

Marion Kosiak

Therese Koufopoulos

Joe Koziell

Robert J. Kozlow DDS

Dennis and Sandra Krause

Chad Kroll

Irene Labrie

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. LaChance

Susan Lacroix

Richard and Linda LaLiberte

Pat Lallas

Lynn Lamy

Jackie Lanni

Mark and Joanne Lanzillo

Sandra Lappas

Susanne Larkham

Patricia Larkin-Upton

Joerg and Carol Laves

Kenneth Lavoie

Matthew Lavoie and Carolyn Cronin

Stephen Lawrence

Russell and Mary Lawson

Paul Leavy

Ray and Jolene LeBel

Mr. and Mrs. Randall LeBlanc

Benita Lebow

Richard A. Leclerc

Steve and Lori Lee

Christopher Legros and Claire Provencher

Vernon Leighten

Bert Lemack and Theresa Robinson

Maurice Lemieux

Judy and Ed Lemire

Michael and Larraine Lencki

Vinny and Dee Dee Lenox

Barbara and Gary Lesieur

Ron and Sophia Lessard

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Levandowski

Dave and Donna Levy

Bill Libby

Adrianne Liggett

William and Rebecca Lightfoot

Maureen Lillis

Ed and Yvonne Lindsey

Scott T. Linehan

Jennifer Littlefield

Kelley and Tyrone Lochmandy

Bob and Cathy Lodico

Lisa Lorman

Aaron and Nicole Losier

Christine Lowry

Jessica Lupien

Armand Lussier

Justin and Sarah Lussier

Maurice and Carla Lussier

Peter and Cynthia Lynch

Mrs. Elliot P. Lyon

Carol Mace and Randy Bell

Diane Maciariello

Mike Maciejewski

Steve and Janet MacIntyre

Mark Mackesy

Bob Mackey

William and Jane MacMillan

Molly MacRae

The Maddox Family

Peter and Maryann Magoun

Marc and Victoria Major

Debbie Makris

Harry Malone and Priscilla Gould

Martha Maltais

Cheryl Mann

Maureen and Robert Manning

Stephen and Denise Marchut

Jay and Dot Marden

Barbara Mariano

Sonja Marino

Stephen Marlar

Maria Marlowe

Donald Marotte

Dave and Kelly Marsh

Richard and Donna Marshall

Karen Martel

Leo and Sherry Martin

Mike and Mary Martin

Roger and Lorraine Martin

The Martucci Family

Barbara Mastacouris

Ann Matheson

Carol and David Mattice

Muriel Maynard

Aline McBride

The McCahill Family

Daniel J. McCarthy

John McCarthy Jr.

Stephen McCoubry

David and Winifred McCullough

Greta and James McElvanna

John and Jean McGiffin

Ann McGrath

Sandra McGrath

Lee McKeown

Betsy McKinney

Mary and Mike McLaughlin

Philip and Susan McLaughlin

John and Alison McMahon

Brian McNamara

Kathy McQuaid

Melanie McSweeney

Judith Meagher

Mike and Rebecca Meehan

Melanie Meier

The Melanson Family

Pedro Melendez and Monique Cote-Melendez

Don and Gail Menswar

Corrin and Danielle Mercurio

Dan and Laurie Merk

Anne-Marie Merrill

Carollee and Frank Mesmer

Dorene and William Messieri

Susan and Isadore Meunier

Dennis and Susan Meuse

Denis Michaud and Ann Fitzpatrick

Dr. and Mrs. N. Michaud

Rene and Taryn Michaud

Jim Midolo and Teri Fitzsimmons

Anne D. Milne

Walter P. Milne and Kathy Growney

Ann Mirageas

Glenn Mitchell and Linda Glaser

Maria and Robert Mongan

Benjamin and Shirley Monohon

Janice Morin

John and Amy Morin

Paul and Patricia Morin

Thomas and Cheryl Morin

Daniel Mowery

John and Claire Mullin

Nancy Munoz

Edward and Christine Munz

Joseph and Debbie Murphy

Kathryn Murray

Rachel and Armen Nahabedian

Donna and Kenneth Naroff

Brian and Linda Nee

The Negron Family

David and Lynn Nelson

Michelle Nelson

Tammy Newell

Lois and Paul Nickerson

Jennifer Nigg

Donald and Elaine Nikola

Carlo Nittoli and James Verschueren

Martha Niver and Jeanne Chevalier

Colleen Nocera

Edward and Jeanne Nolan

Diana Norcross

Andre Normand

Jim and Lynn Normand

Lori and Dan Norris

Patrick and Donna Nutter

Terry and Colin O'Brien

Mary O'Dee

Grace O'Neil

Kevin and Denise O'Rourke

Robert and Lara Lee O'Shaughnessy

Donna O'Toole

Kathy Oakes

Carl and Kate Ohlson

Stephen Olsson and Tammy Gauthier

Denise and Sean OMeara

Alan ONeal

John Oparowski

Mark and Kathie Orshak

Patricia and John Orzano

Kevin and Sheila Oskar

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ottaviano

Russ and Charlene Ouellette

Gabriel Paci and Mary Lou McGonigle

Robert and Leslie Packard

Alan and Gayle Paige

Linda and Tony Palanza

Heidi Palmer

Jacqueline Palmer

Tony and Priscille Palmer

Joe, Mary and Chris Panarese

Erin Paradis

Roger and Sally Paradis

Verna Pare

Nancy Pariser

Karen S. Parr-Day

Benjamin and Alice Pascucci

Sherry and Brian Pattillo

The Patton Family

Bob Pavano

Craig and Jessica Payeur

Kristen Payton

Donna Pearce

Ernest Pelland

Richard Pelletier

Craig Peluso

Catherine Pepler

Lina Pepper

Ken and Betty Perkins

Kathy Perriello

Roland Petersen

Susan and Richard Peterson

Lisa Petralia

Jason and Margo Phelps

Mary and Andy Philippy

Jeffrey Phillips

Tim and Jenn Pierce

Ron and Laura Pingel

Timathy Poh

Thomas and Margaret Poirier

Barbara Leigh Polish

Michael Portner

John and Maria Porto

Victor and Ilidia Porto

John and Jeanne Potelle

Lucy Potter

James H. Pottle

Jacqueline and Douglas Pounds

Theresa Pratte

Carissa S. Preneveau

Colette Provencher and Mike McCarthy

Kathy Provencher

Joan Prue

Jeff and Corinne Pryor

Phil and Donna Przybyszewski

Steve and Deb Puderbaugh

Curtis and Danica Quimby

Glen Quimby and Kim Michaels

Micki Quinn

Dino E. Quintero and Ixchel M. Mulino

Linda Racette

Heather Rankin

Beth Raymond

Bill and Mary Ellen Reed

Carrie Reed

Laura Rennie

Robert and Valerie Reynolds

Jennifer Rheaume

Deborah and Donald Rhodes

Carol Ribeiro and Richard Defuria

Diane Ricciardelli

Kathleen Richards

Coleen Richardson

Stewart and Carolyn Richmond

Darlene Riess

Janette Rioux

Raymond and Irene Rioux

Lucille and Bob Robbins

Fred and Denise Roberge

Mary Roberge

Debbie and Mike Roberts

Wesley and Tammy Robertson

Ann Robichaud

Joan Robinson

John Robinson

Linda and Robert Robinson

Melissa and Scott Robinson

Jack and Bev Robitaille

Sue Rocha and Marie Rinone

Richard and Jo Rodrick

Donna Roe

Joy Rogers

Scott and Tina Rogers

Vincent and Heather Rojo

Louis and Mary Rosenthall

Richard and Pamela Roshong

Paul and Louise Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rotier

Suzanne Routhier

Henry and Nancy Roy

Jon and Sheila Roy

Connie Roy-Czyzowski

Barbara Royal

Denise Royce and Eric Morgan

Marc Rubenson

Holly Ruocco

Jack and Mary Ryan

Betty Sabean

Doreen Saffie

Bob and Nancy Sag

Karolyn Sahal

John Sallese and Phil Lachance

Robin Samuelson

Judy Sanders

Terry Sanders

Joel Santangelo

Susan Santoro

Denise Sarmie

Michael and Kristi Scarpone

Rocco Scarvaglieri

Robert Schallehn and Bonnie Adler

Denise and Kevin Schepis

Kerry Schleyer

Winifred Schmidt

Evelyn Schroeder and Helene Haggar

Steven Schwartz and Paula Leonard-Schwartz

Nancy Seager

Vicktor and Wendy Senat

Thomas and Donna Severance

Rose Shajenko

Christopher and Patricia Shapley

Jeff Shaw

Winston and Yvonne Shaw

Kip and Diana Sheedy

Ken Sheldon

Stephen and Michele Sheppard

Erik Shessler and Melissa Dell'Api-Shessler

Lori Shibinette

Phyllis Shimer

Rajesh and Lindsay Shoor

Scott and Maria Sieper

Richard and Sarah Sigel

Susan Siggelakis

Lou and Linda Simons

Nicholas Skarlos

Joyce Skiff

Matthew and Jennifer Skinner

Pamela Skovira

Julian Sluskonis

Alonzo Smith

Rob and Courtney Smith

Deb Smith

Doug and Sheila Smith

Jack Smith

Karen Smith

Kate and Douglas Smith

Michael Smith and Peri Adler

Roger and Joanne Smith

William Smith

David Snelson

The Solso Family

Steven and Deborah Spain

Paul and Dianne Spidle

Susan and David Spinney

Matthew and Lia Sprague

Anthony and Elizabeth Squeglia

Normand and Paula St. Amand

The St. Clair and Kruszka Family

Bill and Deb St. Louis

Helene Staley

Chuck Staples

Dennis Statuto

Philip Stavrinos

Lawrence and Diane Steele

Kyle and Brad Stegman

Fred and Sharon Stenbeck

Basil Stergiou

John and Roxann Stergiou

Norma Stevens

Tom and Chris Stevens

Keith Stilling

Elizabeth Stodolski

Bill and Tracie Stone

Gail Stone

Kayleen M. Stowell

Brian and Judith Streeter

Debra Suanet

Barbara Sullivan

Brian and Sarah Sullivan

Frank Sullivan

Hal and Nancy Sullivan

Philip and Sherry Surra

Donald Sutherland

Nadine and William Sutliff

Anthony Sweeney and Carmen Carillas-Sweeney

Elaine B. Sweeney

Jean Sweeney

Tim and Rachel Sweeney

Renee and David Sword

Donald and Teresina Synborski

John and Donna Sytek

Jackie and Arthur Tardif

Jill Teeters and David Lamothe

M. Bryan Terry and Bert Terry

James and Linda Tetreault

Emile and Sue Tetu

Virginia Theo-Steelman

Wayne Theodore

Chris and Melissa Therrien

Ken and Marcia Therrien

Norman and Marilyn Therrien

Laurie Thibeault

Ken and Colette Thomas

Will and Wendy Thomas

Ray Thompson

Ron Thompson

Melissa Thomson

Richard Thorner

Sarah Thussell

Michael and Jackie Tiano

The Tifone-Gravel Family

Susan and James Tillery

George and Janice Torrice

Mr. and Mrs. George Tosatti

Jeanine Tousignant

Germaine Towle

Lisa Towle

Jeff and Barb Towne

Maurice Tremblay

Paul and Becky Tripp

David and Diane Trippett

Lisa Trisciani

Carri Trocha

Barbara True and John Mahoney

James and Lynda Truncellito

Susan and Bill Tucker

Louisa Tumelaire

Adair Turcotte

Paula J. Turcotte

The Turgeon Family

John and Carolyn Udaloy

Adrienne Umstead

The Underhill Family

Denise and Marc van Zanten

Susan Vanderbeken

Mark and Christa Vanore

Leo and Melanie Vansteensburg

Cheryl Vastl

Linda Vaudreuil

Heather Verney

Mark and Marianne Vrooman

Catherine Walas

Josh Walden

Benjamin and Doren Wales

Thomas and Susan Wall

Erin and Alan Walsh

Jeanna Walsh

Steve and Cindy Walsh

Robert and Margaret Walther

Carol and Robert Walton

David and Joanne Ward

Ashley Warner

Ed and Noreen Waters

Margaret Watkins

The Watson Family

William Watson

Sandie Watts

The Webber Family

John and Dina Weber

Michael and Carolyn Webman

Kirt and Susan Webster

John and Barbara Wedge

Brian and Roberta Wells

Michael and Lucy Wesson

David and Ginger Wheat

Tim and Kristin Wheeler

Jeff Wherry

Carole Whitcher and Chris Adams

Jim and Elizabeth White

Larry and Bobbie White

Lauren and Pete White

Steven White

Tina and Rick Wilhelm

Aline Wilkins

Tom and Sally Wilkins

John and Elaine Wilkinson

Harrison Williams

Ron Williams

Bret Wilson

Corri Wilson

John and Helen Wilson

Michael and Mary Lee Wilson

David and Dorothy Winegar

Donald Winterton

Madeleine Wisausky

Jason Withee

Adam Witkowicz

Elizabeth Witkowicz

Barry and Ellen Wolper

Norm and Sue Wood

Jolie Woodby

Lorrie Woods and Richard Durand

Melody Wyman

Paul and Sharon Yergeau

Donald York and Gail Spaulding York

Guy and Erin Young

Lisa Young

Laura Zahn

Charles and Jeannie Zappala

Carmen and Kyle Zavorotny

Seth and Sharon Zeigler

Gloria Zela

James and Brenda Zelonis

The Zimmerman Family


Jean Agneta

Claudette Allard

Larry and Barbara Allard

Sanoy Amlaw

Daniel Angelopolus

Janet Angus

Sophia Annas

Anonymous (2)

The Arsenault Family

Louise Auclair

Bob and Paula Balcius

Jennifer Balukonis

Vincent and Diane Balukonis

Barbara and Roderick Bard

Bret Barnett

Tom and Patricia Barstow

Kathleen and Ernest Beane

Ashley Beauchemin

Gerard and Darlene Beaudry

Alan and Lisa Becker

Lisa Bedard

Lee and Dottie Belanger

Christine Benner

Bruce and Becky Berk

Brian and Felicity Bernard

Nicole Bernard Hollenbeck

Leo R. Bernier

Robert and Helen Bevis

Traci Billesimo

Deborah Bills

Beverly Bisson

Bill Bissonnette

ReJean Blanchette

Robert and Bonnie Blazon

Richard Boisvert

Gloria Bouchard

Louise Boucher

Donald and Priscilla Bournival

Ronald Bourque

Barbara and Bill Bovaird

Peg Bowen

Amber and Brianna Breton

Doreen Brothers

Christine Brothwell

Barbara Brown

Kenneth Brown

Zola Brown

Deanna Brunelle

Donald and Georgia Brussard

John Buckley

Judy Burakowski

Howard Burgess

Malcolm Butler

Wendell J. Butt Jr.

Ruth Byrne

Ruth Cahalane

Diane Cahill

Casey Callahan

Deborah Callahan

Richard and Lorraine Calvetti

Camille Campbell

Leo and Priscilla Capillo

Kathleen Carey

Cheryl Carten

Rachel Casey

Sherry Chakrin

Cheryl and Wayne Charest

Kelley Chasse

Carl Cheney

Sam Church

Eleanor Cloutier

Richard and Maureen Cobbett

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Coburn

Lauren Colby

Amber K. Collins

Deborah Conery

Sheena Connolly

Craig and Sharilyn Coplan

Shelley Copp

Jeanne Corbett

Connie Correia

Elizabeth Cote

Therese Cote

Christopher Crear

Monica Crockett

Deborah Croteau

Mimi Crowley

Melissa Cruz

Amanda Davis

John and Karen Deachman

Anthony and Lucia DeBenedictis

Chris and Melanie Debona

Dawn Decoff

Gail DeGoosh

Stephen and Wendy Delisle

Barbara DelloRusso

Roger and Virginia Demers

Ronald and Tara DiBurro

Alissa DiFranco

Linda Dolley

Margaret Donovan

Tonya Douglas

Phyllis Dowd

Karen Dowling Yeaton

Beverley Dubin

Joanne Ducharme

Jody and Steve Ducharme

Linda Ducharme

Macy Dugrenier

Wendy Dumont

Heather DuMouchelle

Stephen and Deidre Dunhom

Norman Dupont

Jennifer Duquette

John and Melissa Duris

Beverly Dziura

Michael and Kara Dziura

Janet Eagleson

Betty Ebner

Bonnie Edgerly

Amanda Egan

Eileen Egan

Kathleen Eggleston

Michael and Sara Eno

Steven Epstein

Marge Erickson

Dale Faint

Michael Fecteau

Charlotte Ferland

Laura Ferrari

Stephanie Ferro

Donna Fifield

Wally and Sally Finnegan

Eleanor Fitzgerald

Marilyn Fleming

Eleanor Fletcher

Helena Florek

Dave and Carole Fontaine

The Foote Family

Billie Ford

Gary and Nancy Forester

Janice Forrester

Lorraine Fortin

Ruthie Fougere

Colleen Foulis

Bob and Shirley Fowler

Melissa Frawley

Harlan Freeman

Karen Freeman

Deb Freiburger

David and Tammy Gagne

Kristina Gagne

Barbara Gagnon

Lindsey Gagnon

Rebecca Gagnon

Tracy Gagnon

Eric Galloway

Jim and Jane Gardner

General Federation of Women's Clubs - NH JAL

Dawn Gesualdo

Lee Gibson

Marigail Glasheen

Toni Gooch

Orli Gottlieb

Conrad and Jeanne Gourde

Tina Graham

Carolyn Grean

Greater Federation of Women's Clubs-NH Salem Women's Club

David and Laurie Greene

Marie Greene

Graeme and Connie Greenhill

Barbara Griffin

Elizabeth Grubbs

Dennis Guilbert

Laurie Gulla

Gary and Karen Hahn

Colin and Maureen Hall

Christine Hallett

M. M. Hallett

Frank and Sandra Hankus

Paula Hanley

Ryan Harisiades

Louise Hart

Gail Hartery

Robert and Holly Hartshorn

Linda Haskell

Ken Hauser

Pamela Havener

Jen Haworth Bourgoin

Linda Heath

Karen Heaton

Amy Hebert

Shelly Heit

Pam Hembrow

Eugene and Margaret Hendriks

Dale and Sue Ellen Higgins

Judy and Guild Hill

Jonathan Hodge

Donna Holahan

Michelle Hopey

Janet Horvath

Jessica Houde

Lynne Howard

Bonnie Hoyt

Kathryn Hunter

Mrs. James S. Infanti

Lin Isabelle

Emily Johnsen

Debra Johnson

Tina Jordan

Sarah Josef

Tiffany Joslin

Joseph and Trisha Kaufmann

Cindye King

Diane Kingery

Suzanne and Daniel Kirby

Cindy Kleeman

Eric Klesper

Sarah Jane Knoy

Herb M. Kopf Jr.

Ms. Kaisy M. Korcoulis and Mr. Damon L. Blust

Bryson Koziell

Maura Labrie

Mike and Sharon Lachance

Deborah Lack

Dan and Ann Ladieu

Jane Laduke

Mrs. Opal O. LaFlamme

Julie Lamontagne

Kathleen Lanigan

Barbara Lantiegne

George and Pauline Larkin

Kathy Lashon

Nancy and Rene Laventure

Liz Lavery

Quoc Le

Christina Leach

Joseph and Amanda Lee

Bob and Joyce LeFaiver

Janine Leffler and Matthew Smith

Laurie Lemay

Connie Lemieux

Laura Lemire

Meredyth Leonard

Jeff Leong

Rebecca Levy

Maddy Libby

Brooke Linehan

Geoff and Nicole Ling

Kathy Lombardi

Martha Long

Valerie Longo

Claire Lorman

Ronald and Linda Losier

Diane Lucas

Pauline Lustenberger

Joann Lytle

Laurie and Larry MacCall

Jocelyn MacDonald

Dana Malloy

Christina Maltais

Susan Maltais

Kelly Manlogon

Marisa and John Mannarini

Robert Marsh

Susan Marshall

Arthur Marston

Cathy Martin

Jesse Martineau

Pauline Martineau

Paula Mason

Dawn Mayo

Jim and JoAnn Mayo

James McCall

Joanna McCarthy

Nicole McFarland

Marilyn McIntosh

Patrick and Susan McKeown

Polly McKinnon

Don and Linda Meagher

Tom and Sharon Meehan

Lisa Melancon

Dennis and Beth Meuse

Frank Miano

Brian and Caryn Miller

Dan Minoughan

Donna Molony

John and Gerri Monnelly

Samantha Monohon

Diane Montplaisir

Andrea Morgan-Vandome

Christine Morin

Rebecca Morin

Kristen Morneau

Greg and Maryann Moser

Donna Mousseau

Jon Musgrove

Carol Myers

Veto Narkunas

Keith Nelson

Bob and Priscilla Nerad

Doan Trang Thuy Nguyen

Werner and Dorothy Niebel

Alicia Nordin

Lisa and Stephen Nute

Jeanne O'Connell

Michael O'Shea

Kristi Packard

Barbara and David Padley

Mark and Laura Paige

Tracy and Kevin Paige

Christopher Pappas

Scott Pappas

Bette Paquet

Robert Paradis

Ann Paris

Sean Parr and Karen Meteyer

Jessica Paul

Ronald and Patricia Paul

Diane Pelchat

Donna Pelissier

Sheila Pelletier

Sara Penerian

Nancy A. Penney

Beverly Perry

Eileen Peterson

Cynthia Petrilli

Todd Pettibone

Kenneth and Sarah Phillips

Terry Piel

Cindy Pilla

Beth Plante

Jay and Kelly Ploof

Rachel Poltak

Ashley Ponce

Doc Porter

Patricia Prince

Donna Proulx

Barbara Quigley

Kate Quinn

Robin Rader

Patricia Rand

Peg Reeves and Armand vanVelthoven

Alicia Rhoades

Martha Rice

Jen Richardson

Becky Ricsher

Jeannette Riendeau

Erik Rimalover

Leah Riseman

Ralph and Claire Risser

Roland Roberge

Greg Roberts

Holly Robichaud

Deborah Robitaille

Sol and Linda Rockenmacher

Cynthia P. Ross

Amber Roy

Michael Roy

Jay Rozmus

Kevin Ruby

Robert Rudolph

Michael Rush

Diana Rutherford

Sonia Rye

Cenanne Sanders

Joanne Sanseverino

Alan and Janice Saulnier

Andy and Maureen Scala

Katherine Scaramella

Alexandra Schack

Deborah Schelzel

Lori Schrepfer

Helen Searles

Pat Serafin

Elizabeth Shelley

Ellen Shimer-Brenes

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Signor

Geri Silva

Lauretta Silva

Scott and Amanda Silva

Dwight Simmons

Mike and Diane Simone

Anthony Sinacore

Rob and Christine Sinclair

Steve Singlar

Celeste Slade

Carol Smith and Zoe Long

Dave Smith

Tina Smith

Don and Brenda Smith-Weiss

Judith and Joe Sortino

Chip and Carol Soucy

Janice and John Spina

Rebecca Sprattler

Ron and Fran Sprizza

Cynthia Sroda

Rob and Natalie St. Cyr

Robert and Priscilla St. Gelais

Christine Stavrinos

Chelsea Stearns

Melissa Stepno

Joan and Jeffrey Stevens

Jane Stevenson

Dorothy Stratton Marino

Eugene and Madeline Straussberg

Diane S. Suits

John and Elinor Terrell

Shirley Terry

Brenda Thomas

Maura Thornton

Robert and Sherry Thrasher

Molly Tibbets

Kathryn Tilton

Dennis and Connie Toombs

Anthony Tortorici

Shari Trabucchi

Carolyn Travers

Steve Trefethen

Joe and Cora Trimbur

Melissa Trudel

Michelle Tyler

Steven Tyrrell

Ken and Jeanne Vachon

Madeleine Valcourt

Bill Vanca

Susan J. Vandecasteele

Michael Venezia

Liz and John Verity

Samantha Verney

Paul and Pat Visco

Jane Volden

Jessica Wachsman

Marguerite Wageling

Patricia Waggoner

Jonah and Caleb Wagner

William Walch

David and Sharon Walsh

Alice Ward

Pricilla Webler

Christine Weeden

Darla Welcome

Karen West

John Alan Weston

Kim Wheeler

Sandy Whipple

DeDe Whitehead

Richard and Nancy Wilcox

Julie Wolz

Donna Wood

Donna and Randall Wood

Jan Zambrello

Richard Zecchino

Jill Zigoures

Phyllis Zioze