Rose Kula Concert benfitting the Lynda's Kause "Fun"-raiser

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*This event will take place in The Spotlight Room at the Palace*

Performing during this “Fun-raiser” is Rose Kula. Rose is a singer-songwriter from New Hampshire. An energetic and soulful performer, her percussive guitar playing brings a punkish edge to original music that echoes many genres. Country colored ballads to acoustic rock with shadows of jazz reflect compositions that follow their own path that take the listener on an emotional journey that covers the joy and pain of life with brutal honesty and humor celebrating the gift of life's experiences.

Two weeks after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Lynda King was informed that her cancer had metastasized to her liver and she couldn’t be cured. In that moment, her motto “No one should ever be told that they cannot be cured” was born.

In two months, Lynda went from stage I to stage IV metastatic cancer. With less than 2% of all monies raised for breast cancer research going towards finding a cure for metastatic cancer, Lynda vowed to make a change. In her final year, her journey took flight when she launched Lynda’s Kause Inc. to help raise money to fund metastatic cancer research and patient support.

Lynda fought arduously with humor and grace for eight years but her flight ended on July 5, 2014. Your donation and/or merchandise purchase supports Lynda's dream of a world where we no longer lose our loved ones to metastatic cancer.

There will be live entertainment, silent auction items, a cash bar and free soft drinks.”

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Tickets: $39

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Event Information

The Spotlight Room
96 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 668-5588