Palace Theatre

Listed below are some areas around the Palace Theatre that are at little or no cost during our regularly scheduled performances.

To all our Palace Theatre Patrons: The Citizens Bank parking lot next to the Palace is now privately owned and managed, and charges fees that are not associated with the Palace Theatre. Please note that only credit cards will be accepted.

On-street parking:
On-street parking is typically $.75 an hour. Be aware that some on-street parking meters have a two-hour limit. Read meters for specific details and applicable hours. On-street parking is free after 8PM on Fridays, and all day on weekends and Holidays.

Victory Parking Garage:
The Victory Parking Garage is city-owned. Parking is free after 8PM on Fridays, and on weekends and Holidays. Procedure for parking meters: 1.) Find available space/remember your space number, 2.) Walk to street level corner stairwell or front of office location and find pay by space meter, 3.) Follow instructions on meter (coins and credit only no dollar bills) .75 hour / max of $6.00. 4.) Must pay before leaving garage.

The Hartnett Parking Lot:
This is a city-owned lot. The rate is $0.75 per hour Monday thru Friday until 8PM. The metered parking is located around the perimeter of the lot. Parking is free after 8 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends. Only at that time you may park anywhere in the parking lot.