Behind the Scenes

Palace Theatre
Check out what people are saying about Divas Through the Decades:
High energy. Stellar singing. Dynamic Performances. Diva's Delivered!
I made my husband take me for Valentine's Day. I think he enjoyed it more than me, he even thanked me for suggesting it.
Impressive and thoroughly entertaining! A must see show...
I have to say your show "Diva's" was Fannntassticc!!!! My boys and I enjoyed it so much!!!! So much energy, so much talent...I was blown away.. and it takes a lot for me to be speechless...
Congratulations to the cast and band on an "INCREDIBLY ENERGETIC AND ENTERTAINING" opening of DIVAS THROUGH THE DECADES !!!!!!
The best Act 1 Finale anyone could ask for! Get on Your Feet! 
What a terrific show.  The singers were outstanding, and the dancing, choreography, and all of the costume changes just left us saying "WOW"!   The Palace did itself proud and we are very grateful for the chance to see this first-class act.  The seats were very good, and we were surrounded by some really enthusiastic fans which made it even more fun. 

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What people are saying about RENT!
I saw RENT on Broadway so I wasn't expecting to be impressed. I was blown away by the quality of the performance!
RENT was amazing today! My daughter and I were literally shaking in our seats we were so excited. The cast was amazing and totally rocked the house. Thanks for a great experience!
I just saw the show last night and I was so impressed. As a die-hard thespian, I am ashamed to admit that, while I have always been familiar with The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH, I had never been to a show there. Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing 'Rent,' which had never actually been one of my favorites. HOWEVER... the quality of this production was unparalleled and I am forced to rethink my assessment of the show. I was extremely impressed by the choreography of the Palace's Carl Rajotte (who also directed). Original, daring and true to character, I have rarely seen such a great interweaving of choreography and blocking. Another high point was the truly inspiring performance of DJ Bucciarelli as Angel. Angel is a character that can be extremely complex to perform well and, often drag queens are portrayed with a certain air of the ridiculous and silly. Bucciarelli managed this character in a way that gave her true heart without missing a step of flamboyant flair. And, did I mention the choreography? WOW! Go see it!
My husband and I had an amazing time last night seeing Rent. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard at making the performance completely amazing and breathtaking.

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Our Artistic Director Carl Rajotte's office. Looks like a great cast for RENT. A few familiar faces and lots of amazing talent!